Dimerco advanced Dimerco Value Plus System is a standardized operation service platform applied globally, with the capability to deliver innovative IT solutions and integrate with our customer's varied computer systems. Dimerco has achieved its goal of localized data processing and centralized data warehousing on a real-time basis in order to increase our customer service satisfaction, productivity, efficiency and cost savings. Dimerco is capable of conducting B2B e-commerce with our customers and strategic partners for data flow, information flow, and financial flow linkage throughout the supply chain management process.

Patent Application Approved

Dimerco promotes its Dimerco Value Plus System© one step further with the latest Consolidation Yield Management System© (CYM) & Data Synchronization Method which serves to collate Dimerco world-wide data (includes CYM) from all locations into one central site. Both systems successfully filed for a US & Taiwanese patents. ( CYM: Patent No. US 8,694,440 B2, Data Synchronization Method: Patent No. I 439873 ( TW ) & Patent No. US 8,850,074 B2 )

Web Tracking Visibility

The web-based supply chain tracking system of our Dimerco Value Plus System has been designed to enable our customers to easily track their shipments. This system includes up-to-date, end-to-end air and ocean freight shipment status tracking, and inventory and warehouse transaction status and reporting. To accommodate the specific requirements of your industry, we can customize and incorporate any additional information required to optimize visibility of your shipment.

Customized Application and Reporting Capability

Dimerco's flexible IT application tools can help our customers’ design, program, and implement based on the variety and complexity of their requirements. We offer a wide spectrum of customized application and reporting services, from Order Management, Event Management, Shipping Status/Activity Statement, Billing/Charging Statement, to Measurement of Supply Chain Efficiency. Furthermore, warehouse management customization projects were developed to automate the warehouse operation process between Dimerco and our customers.

Global Data Integration and EDI Solution

Dimerco's Global Data Integration and EDI Solutions are able to interface with all partners through an array of communication capabilities to facilitate the exchange of information for optimum accuracy and efficiency. These include, but are not limited to, Purchase Order, Advance Shipping Notice (ASN), Shipment Status, Warehousing Management and Auto Payment Approval & Process among the global supply chain participants.

For data exchange/integration between Dimerco Value Plus System and customer’s system, Dimerco has the experience of numerous customization projects with various connection protocols, mostly in XML and some in traditional EDI, since the end of year 2000.  Over the past few years, Dimerco has conducted more than 100 projects.


For operation and management excellence, and service to our customers globally, Dimerco Express Group successfully deployed a web 2.0 based Dimerco Value Plus System (12375) on August 1, 2009. The Dimerco Value Plus System integrates the processes of sales activity, operation, accounting, and financial management to serve as the tool and platform in Supply Chain Management. The system provides an information and knowledge bank to build up Dimerco Express Group as the most competitive global transportation and logistics service provider. Not only does the IT system help integrate internal processes and information to enhance operation and management efficiently, it also provides real-time visibility to our customers for their effective business management in Supply Chain.

Feature Highlights

  • Supply Chain Orientation
    Integrates sales activity, operations, accounting, and financial management across the Supply Chain in the transportation and logistics industry for management efficiency and customer service excellence.
  • Web 2.0 based collaboration
    Eases deployment, connectivity and access.
  • Business Intelligent
    Centralizes the data control mechanism to improve data quality and dynamic and flexible analysis reporting tool for customization reports.
  • Automation
    Preserves natural resources by reducing paperwork through the automation of integrated work flow and process across the Supply Chain.

Dimerco Value Plus System

Dimerco Value Plus System is called for short as “12375” and covered as following:

1 System

Integrated Transportation & Logistics Service Management System

2 Banks

Knowledge Bank & Information Bank

3 Platforms

Operation Platform, Service Platform and Communication Platform (eCMS)

7 Operation Modules
  • eSAM – Sales Activities Management System
  • eAMS – Air Freight Management System
  • eOMS – Ocean Freight Management System
  • eTMS – Trucking Management System
  • eWMS – Logistics Warehouse Management System
  • eDAS – Domestic Air Freight Management System
  • eFMS – Finance & Accounting Management System


5 Supplementary Functions
  • CYM – Consolidation Yield Management System (Patent No. US 8,694,440)
  • 3PS – Triangle Trade & 3rd Party Billing Management System
  • MTS – Multi-Mode Transport Management System
  • CBS – Customs Brokerage Management System
  • ACS – Automated Centralized Settlement


Dimerco Value Plus System – A leading innovative Web 2.0 Based Total Logistics and Supply Chain Management Solution

Dimerco Value Plus System is not limited to support various Business Products, streamline Internal Business Process by global coverage, but also to provide the platform of web applications and data integration with customers and strategic partners for greater supply chain visibility as well as driving cost savings and improving productivity efficiencies.

Shall your company be interested in innovating your logistics process through Dimerco Value Plus System, please contact us through marketing@dimerco.com for more information.



  • Supply Chain information / milestone Track & Trace
  • Event Management & Notification
  • Shipment Document Sharing Capability
  • Customize Reporting & Analysis Service



  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capability with all involved parties
  • Collaboration Service Platform (CSP) via internet access
  • Initiative on IATA eFreight Project to support paperless shipment.
    As of July 2017, Dimerco is ranked at:
    No. 8 by e-AWB penetration during Jan. to Jul. 2017 of Top-50 freight forwarder groups



  • Standardized Operation System with Local Applications
  • Continuous Process Integration & Automation
  • Supply Chain Flow Control Mechanism
  • Reporting Management Tools




  • System Integration using Master Item List, EDI / Template
  • Use your PO/Item number to trace or use your own interface



  • Order Placement to your vendors on our platform with communication history. No more e-mails to dig through!
  • Make booking requests on the same platform and send straight to our Dimerco Value Plus System©
  • Real time booking/shipment data as they are updated in our Dimerco Value Plus System©
  • Item View to get status for all PO/shipments containing that item
  • Information sharing to your teams


Just for you

  • Customizable view to meet your preference. No more unwanted information.
  • We feed shipment milestones to your system. No more jumping between systems!
  • Improve your productivity. Sales/Shipping/Procurement/Warehouse can now all know what is coming to better serve your customers