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Dimerco Financial Results 2020

Spokesperson: Jack Ruan +886 921-062500 / +8862 ‪2796-3660#222

Dimerco Express Corporation (5609) today announced the consolidated financial report of Y2020 Consolidated sales revenue of Y2020 is NTD 22,948 million, an increase of 28.9% compared to Y2019. Consolidated net income after tax is NTD 1,085 million, an increase of 169.2% compared to Y2019. Earnings per share is NTD 8.62, an increase of 169.3% compared to Y2019. BOD approved the earnings distribution proposal of Y2020’s net profit as follows; to distribute cash dividend NTD 5.2 per share and stock dividend NTD 0.8 per share. The proposal will be included in the meeting agenda in Y2021 shareholders’ meeting.