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Multimodal Transport

Balance shipping speed and cost

Long ocean trips give you the lowest cost, but slow down your supply chain and cash cycle. Dimerco offers sea-air, air-sea, and road-rail solutions to help you achieve the right balance of shipping cost and speed.


50% faster than ocean freight only.


Up to 40% cheaper than air freight only.


Shift to a lower CO2 mode for part of the journey.

Multimodal Transport Services

When you switch modes during an important freight shipment, it adds complexity. But the payoff in decreased time or cost is often worth it.

Sea-Air and Air-Sea Services
This is the ideal service to achieve fast delivery, lower costs and a smaller carbon footprint. Using multiple modes does add some complexity, so it’s important to work with a forwarder, like Dimerco, with experience coordinating the en route handoffs. We synchronize the two transport modes to ensure you keep your delivery promises to customers. Through your MyDimerco portal, you get up-to-date status on shipment progress, including proactive alerts of any changes.
Rail Transport from China to Europe

Move goods via any mode to multiple origin points in China for direct rail service to major European markets.

Intra-Asia Multimodal Transport Services

Intra-Asia moves are a Dimerco strength. Our multimodal freight specialists can get creative with a mix of air, ocean, rail, and cross-border road services in Asia to achieve your shipping objectives.

Air+Road Solution for China to Mexico Shipping

For suppliers shipping high-value goods to Mexico manufacturing plants, Dimerco’s Air+Road solution enables door-to-door shipping from China to Mexico, via the US, in 6-8 days.

in Action

Tech company avoids costly air freight leg with sea-air solution from Indonesia

From its factory in Batam, Indonesia, a Taiwanese electronics company ships to Los Angeles Airport (LAX). Often, product must be shipped quickly. However, air freight from Batam to the nearest international airport in Singapore is sporadic and costly. Dimerco recommended a sea-air solution to save both time and money. Freight travels via a short ocean voyage to Singapore, which is a free port so customs duties are avoided. Based on demand at the time, the freight may ship via ocean or air to Southern California, with Dimerco handling both.


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Why Dimerco?

Experience with Complex Moves

Errors can easily occur with multimodal transport as you must carefully coordinate arrival and departure times between modes. Dimerco specializes in planning and executing all aspects of complex door-to-door, international freight moves.

Simplified Shipping Documentation

Sea-air freight moves on a single transport document.

One-Stop Solution

Dimerco specialists handle all aspects of your multimodal freight shipments, including planning, transportation and customs clearance.

24/7 Visibility

Progress is captured in real-time after every shipping milestone so you are always in touch and in control.

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