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Cargo Insurance Services

Reduce your risk

If your cargo is damaged during transit, you may only receive a small portion of the shipment’s value from the carrier. Dimerco offers all risk insurance that protects the cargo’s full value.

Total Protection

Receive full reimbursement based on the value of the cargo

Comprehensive Coverage

Door-to-door coverage, around the world, for any mode of transport

Easy Claims Process

We present and settle the claim on your behalf

Cargo Insurance: What You Need to Know

Your shipment faces numerous risks while in transit. Natural disasters may damage goods and cause massive delays. Cargo could be stolen while waiting at a truck stop.

Should this happen, carriers have limited liability, with payouts too low to be meaningful. You’re likely to recoup only a small percentage of your shipment’s value based on the weight or customary freight unit. Can you afford to take that risk?

In certain circumstances, you may even have to pay the carrier to reclaim your cargo if there is damage to the ship or other cargo and the carrier declares “General Average.”

To address these concerns, Dimerco offers all risk cargo insurance.

  • The broadest form of insurance. Door-to-door coverage – anywhere, any mode. If a claim needs to be filed, you don’t have to activate your own cargo insurance. Or, you can buy the coverage shipment-by-shipment based on your requirements.
  • Protection against General Average carrier declarations are included.
  • Everything is covered EXCEPT what is specifically excluded.
  • The amount you receive is based on the insured value of the goods.
  • The cost of insurance is minimal compared to what carriers would pay based on their limited liability.

How would you get compensated if you don’t get All Risk insurance?

Cargo of 100kg $5,000 USD Value
Standard Liability Coverage
Dimerco All Risk coverage
Air $22 SDR*/ kg = USD $3,000 USD $5,000
Ocean USD $500 USD $5,000
Domestic USD $110.23 USD $5,000
Warehouse USD $110.23 USD $5,000

*Special Drawing Rights (SDR)

What to Do in the Event of a Cargo Claim?

With Dimerco’s All Risk Cargo Insurance services, the process for making a claim is fast and simple.

  1. When first notified of loss or damage, you need to immediately obtain:
    • Cargo location
    • Estimate of the type & amount of damage in a statement of claim
    • Copy of the certificate of insurance
    • All shipping documents (invoice, packing list, bill of lading–air or ocean, proof of delivery)
    • Photos of the damaged goods
  2. Contact your local rep at Dimerco
  3. Dimerco takes it from there. We contact the insurance company to present and settle the claim on your behalf

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