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Shipping from Singapore to the US

by | Apr 2, 2024 | Blog Post

The shipping route from Singapore to the US plays a vital role in facilitating global trade, fostering economic growth, and connecting businesses and individuals across continents. This article reviews this trade lane and key logistical considerations to achieve fast, smooth shipping from Singapore to the U.S.

Trade Partnership

Singapore to US Trade Volume 2020 - 2023

Trade Volume:

Singapore, a key trade hub in the Asia-Pacific, connects with the US, a major consumer market. In 2023, Singapore’s export to the US was US$40.71 billion.

Economic Partnerships:

Strong US-Singapore economic ties, backed by the US – Singapore Free Trade Agreement (USSFTA), enable businesses to explore new markets and acquire materials using this shipping route.

Diverse Industries:

From the bustling factories of manufacturing to the cutting-edge technology and finance, alongside the vital corridors of healthcare, Singapore and the US stand as vibrant hubs of innovation. The seamless exchange of goods along this vital shipping route not only fuels growth but ignites a symphony of creativity.

2023 USA Imports to Singapore

Logistical Advantages:

Singapore’s strategic location and top-tier infrastructure, including the Port of Singapore, Jurong Port, and upcoming Tuas Mega port for ocean freight, alongside Changi Airport, one of the world’s busiest air cargo hubs renowned for its connectivity, establish it as an optimal transshipment hub to connect Asia to the US.

Singapore Ports and Airports

Shipping Methods and Service

When shipping from Singapore to the US, you have several shipping methods to consider, each with its own advantages and disadvantages:

Aspects Air Freight Ocean Freight
Speed Ideal for time-sensitive shipments. Transit times from Singapore to the US shipments at approx. 3 – 5 days. Slower transit times from Singapore to the US shipments at approx. 22 to 30 days to USWC and 35 to 40 days to USEC.
Capacity Limited cargo space on aircrafts may restrict the volume of goods shipped. Larger cargo capacities, suitable for transporting oversized items.
Accessibility Suitable for various cargo types, including perishable goods and high-value items. Not suitable for time-sensitive goods due to slower transit times.
Cost Air freight tends to be more expensive compared to ocean freight due to factors such as fuel costs and limited cargo space. Ocean freight is generally more cost-effective for transporting large volumes of goods over long distances.











These factors are vital when shipping from Singapore to the US, allowing you to make informed decisions tailored to your needs and priorities. It’s worth noting that the estimates provided in the table are based on the current market conditions at the time of writing. These aspects may vary, especially during global challenges like the Panama Canal drought and the situation at the Red Sea, which has significantly impacted shipping schedules and costs.

Customs and Regulations:

Dimerco Certification Ensuring smooth Singapore to the US shipments involves having essential documents ready like the commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, and necessary export/import licenses. Equally vital is partnering with a logistics provider committed to compliance. For example, Dimerco’s Singapore office holds the highest STP-Plus certification, ensuring adherence to stringent security standards. Additionally, as a member of CTPAT (USA) and PIP (Canada), Dimerco USA minimizes risks and expedites processing at ports of entry. These certifications guarantee safe and reliable shipments.

Tracking and Monitoring:

Tracking and monitoring shipments is essential to guarantee transparency, accountability, and punctual delivery, especially for long-haul shipments like those shipping from Singapore to the US. Partnering with logistics service providers offering such visibility tools is imperative to staying informed and empowered throughout the process. For example, Dimerco’s MyDimerco supply chain portal enables customers to track and trace shipments, download reports, make bookings, and more, ensuring a seamless shipping experience.

What to look for in a Logistics Partner for Your Singapore to US Shipments

Local Offices for Seamless Support:

Choosing a freight forwarder with local offices in both Singapore and the US ensures access to knowledgeable teams who understand the intricacies of shipping from start to finish. This local presence can be invaluable in navigating any challenges that may arise along the way. At Dimerco, we have the support of our own local team in Singapore and several offices across the US.

Strong Carrier Capacity and Flexibility:

Opting for a freight forwarder with robust carrier capacity and flexible options is crucial, particularly during peak seasons when space is at a premium. Look for a forwarder that can adapt to global challenges like the Red Sea crisis and offer innovative solutions to keep your shipments moving smoothly. As the Red Sea crisis posed a difficulty to many shippers, Dimerco has devised a Sea-Air solution and Cross Border Rail solution to their customers.

Customizable Warehousing Solutions:

Not all forwarders have their own warehouses, but those that do offer a valuable advantage. Working with a forwarder that can customize cargo arrangements to your specifications ensures your goods are handled exactly the way you need them to be. Seek out forwarders with warehouse facilities in both Singapore and the US to facilitate smooth staging of outbound shipments and reception of inbound cargo. For airfreight services in Singapore, all shipments are managed through the Airport Logistics Park (ALPS), conveniently located near Changi Airport. Customers partnering with Dimerco benefit from direct handling of their cargo at Dimerco’s own warehouse within ALPS, with just 500 meters from the Airport Terminal.

Dimerco Singapore Warehouse Dimerco Singapore Warehouse

Leveraging Singapore’s Connectivity:

Singapore’s strategic location as Southeast Asia’s hub for connecting with the US presents unique opportunities for shippers. Utilizing Singapore as a transloading point for shipments from neighboring countries streamlines the shipping process, whether maintaining the same mode or switching modes along the way. This approach opens up more capacity and options for getting your goods to their destination efficiently. For example, Dimerco can facilitate cross border trucking from Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam to Singapore where there are more capacity and options.


In short, shipping from Singapore to the US is crucial for global trade. Singapore’s top-notch infrastructure makes it an ideal transshipment hub. When choosing between air and ocean freight, consider factors like speed, cost, and accessibility. Compliance with customs regulations is essential, and tracking shipments ensures timely delivery. With the right approach and partners like Dimerco, shipping becomes smooth and efficient, benefiting you and individuals alike. To learn more, contact us to start a conversation.