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Bonded Warehouse Services

Hold on to your cash longer

3PL bonded warehouse services allow companies to defer duty payments and taxes associated with global trade. Dimerco foreign trade zone facilities and bonded logistics centers throughout China and Southeast Asia help you hold on to your cash until goods are officially imported or exported.

Dimerco bonded warehouse services
Forklift - warehousing and distribution

Lower Shipping Costs

Consolidate exports from multiple suppliers.

Bonded warehouse services

Simplify Cross-Border Shipping

Use our compliance expertise to manage complex regulatory requirements.

Bonded warehouse services - cardboard boxes and import duty

Enhance Cash Flow

Defer duties until items are shipped out.

Bonded warehouse services

Bonded Warehouse Services

Import Warehouse Services

Global suppliers of China-based manufacturers can bring goods into China and store them at a Dimerco bonded warehouse for later distribution to the end customer. Duties and taxes are deferred until items are shipped to the factory.

Export Warehouse Services

Companies outside China that purchase items from multiple suppliers in China can bring items into a Dimerco bonded logistics center to prepare them for export without payment of duty. Qualified Chinese suppliers may be eligible for an export VAT refund once goods enter the park.

New eCommerce Bonded Logistics Center (BLC) in Indonesia

The new facility supports domestic eCommerce deliveries in 1-3 days compared to direct B2C deliveries of 14 days. Products shipped to the Dimerco BLC in Indonesia achieve faster customs clearance and avoid payment of duty and tax in advance – giving you a major cash flow advantage.

in Action

An American supermarket chain orders goods from several suppliers in China, with goods to be shipped to different distribution centers in the US. These suppliers ship to Dimerco’s bonded logistics park in Shanghai, where goods from each supplier are consolidated and prepared to ship together to each DC based on purchase order instructions. Suppliers can delay duty payments until items ship from the bonded logistics park. Also, by making a single declaration for the consolidated shipment instead of each supplier doing its separate declarations, time and money is saved.

Products shipped through bonded warehouse services

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Why Dimerco?

Worldwide air freight from China icon

Deep Knowledge of Duty and Tax Requirements in China and Southeast Asia

We can advise you on the type of bonded facility needed (there are many) and the best strategy to preserve your cash while remaining compliant with required paperwork and tax/duty payments.

Global Trade Support across Asia

Dimerco operates bonded logistics centers in China, Taiwan, Singapore and Indonesia. Our China bonded warehouses are in Shenzhen (bonded logistics park and FTZ), Beijing (FTZ), and Shanghai (bonded logistics park and FTZ).

Proven Experience

We manage bonded warehouses/FTZ solutions for some of the world’s largest technology companies.

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