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FTZ Warehouse in Singapore

Located Within a Singapore FTZ

Dimerco’s FTZ warehouse in Singapore is an ideal regional hub for inbound and outbound shipments. Located within the Airport Logistics Park of Singapore, the facility is ideal for smaller, high-value products—consumer electronics, telecommunications and high-fashion merchandise—that require a highly secure environment for storage and value-added warehousing services.

Bonded warehouse services - cardboard boxes and import duty

Improve Your Cash Flow

Products are exempt from duties and VAT while in the FTZ warehouse.

Boxes and data — supply chain solutions

Speed Regional Distribution

Singapore’s central location in Southeast Asia cuts distribution time and costs.

multimodal freight

Integrate with Global Shipping

The warehouse is 500m from the Airport, walking distance to Dimerco’s air freight warehouse, and 30 km from the Jurong Mega Port of Singapore.

Facility Facts For Dimerco’s FTZ Warehouse in Singapore

Space 14,058 sq ft or 1,306 sqm
Loading Docks 8 loading bays
Temperature Climate-controlled storage between 22–26 Celsius
Technology Modern warehouse management system, utilizing bar code scanners to promote efficiency and accuracy
Safety/Security Fire sprinklers. In-house Security system, plus 24-hour patrolling guards on site.
Address 70 Alps Avenue #03-06
Telephone +65 6958-1901

FTZ Warehouse Services

Storage and Inventory Management

Secure storage with full visibility and inventory tracking.

Value-Added Services

Pick & pack fulfillment, sorting, labeling, repackaging, bar coding, kitting and bundling.

Supplier Consolidation for Imports

We can provide storage of component parts and deliver them to your assembly line just in time.

Buyer Consolidation for Exports

We can receive goods from multiple suppliers and combine them into consolidated outbound shipments.

Cross-Border Trucking Services

Move goods to and from Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and up to Guangxi, China, providing a cost-effective alternative to air freight.

If you are looking for third-party logistics companies in Singapore, contact Dimerco to start a discussion.


Singapore FTZ

Dimerco’s warehouse in Singapore is located within a free trade zone (FTZ). Your products are exempt from duty and taxes until they are released from the facility. In a Singapore FTZ, there is no limit to non-dutiable storage time for both bonded and FTZ warehouses. In addition to imports, you can store locally made goods in our facility. The primary advantage of Dimerco’s Singapore FTZ is to improve your cash flow management. You’ll delay duty payments until items are shipped out. If they enter the facility and ship to another country, no duties are assessed. For eCommerce trade, goods shipped to Singapore that are destined for consumers will incur import taxes if they are above the de minimus rate – a rate below which B2C deliveries incur no additional import taxes and duties. Since most products arrive in bulk, initial storage in Dimerco’s Singapore FTZ can delay these charges.

Ocean Freight_Singapore_Contract Logistics
Ocean Freight_Singapore_Contract Logistics

Other Advantages of Dimerco’s FTZ Warehouse in Singapore

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Support for the Full Product Lifecycle

Warehousing for inbound and outbound shipments, local and cross-border trucking, reverse logistics, and global service parts logistics.

Integrated Global Logistics Solution

Freight forwarding, contract logistics, and trade compliance services from one, globally integrated 3PL.


Strategic Focus on High-Value, Tech Products

We understand the unique logistics requirements of semiconductor products, consumer electronics, aviation electronics, and other high-value technology products.

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