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Dimerco History

Dimerco's History

“The globalization of trade will shape the future of international transportation.”

The Beginning 1971–1975

3 Offices in Taiwan

Founded on Jul 15, 1971 in Taipei, Taiwan, Dimerco began with 8 employees in a 920 sq ft office. The company was certified as a customs broker a year later. For the next decade, we positioned ourselves as a “Taiwan-Based Air Freight Transportation Service Provider.”

Dimerco's History

“We bridge cultural barriers with our deep understanding of the Eastern and Western ways for half a century.”

Going International 1976–1983

16 Offices

Following our mission to become a truly global partner to a growing customer base, in 1976 we opened our first overseas office in New York. Soon after, we expanded our footprint to Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and Boston in the USA, as well as other international cities, including Hong Kong, Manila and London. Our Singapore office, established in 1980, became our gateway to the Southeast Asia market.

Dimerco’s highly customized service set us apart from other forwarders. This remains a core element of our value proposition.

Building with Dimerco logo

“Our early market entry into Southeast Asia positioned us as a true local expertise.”

Southeast Asia Expansion, 1984–1990

25 Offices

We focused on expanding our network and services in Southeast Asia, opening offices in Malaysia, Thailand & Indonesia. As we developed strong shipping expertise in markets across this region, our reputation grew as an “Asia Pacific-Based Air & Ocean Freight Transportation Service Provider. “

That reputation continues today. We have offices throughout ASEAN countries & India.


Dimerco's History

“Our growth in the coming decades is to unlock China’s market potential in globalization.”

China as Core Market, 1991–1995

38 Offices

During this time, China’s “open-door policy” allowed limited direct foreign investment. Dimerco set up its first office in a single suite of the Shanghai Peace Hotel in July 1991. Since then, we set out to establish China as our core market.

In the following years, more offices launched in Beijing, Xiamen, Qingdao, Fuzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, and Guangzhou. The expansion continued over the next decades to China’s other first-tier, second-tier, and third-tier cities. Today, with nearly 80 offices across the country, we are one of China’s leading freight forwarders.


Internation city — global service commitment

“ Financial credibility is the key to sustainable development; and our willingness to innovate & embrace change is at the core of our strategy. ”

Global Service Commitment 1996 – 2007

98 Offices

Recognizing the power of broadband & the internet, we developed the Dimerco eChain System for integrated transportation & logistics management. As we accelerated our focus on digital logistics, our rapid growth continued, with 42 offices opening within 11 years.

On Oct 15, 2001, Dimerco was publicly listed on the Gre Tai Securities Market (now the Taipei Exchange). Our commitment to financial stability allowed us to pursue our next-level growth strategy: “Be the Most Competitive Global Transportation & Logistics Service Provider, Integrator & Consultant.”


History Chart

“ Our customer’s success is our success. Together we celebrate progress and our partnership! “

Accelerating Global Growth & Digitization 2008 ‒ 2020

156 Offices

Our ocean business expanded, and contract logistics capabilities were further strengthened during this period, allowing Dimerco to serve as a single-source logistics partner. We expanded to new markets in India, USA and Europe through company locations and alliances. In 2014, we were named a Top10 APAC 3PL by air freight volume (Armstrong & Associates).

In 2009, our system was upgraded from Windows-based to a Web 3.0 IT infrastructure and renamed as Dimerco Value Plus System®. By adopting a standard platform across all locations, we ensure consistent operating processes and quality, globally. Through the years, IT investments have fueled Dimerco’s drive to enable visibility, collaboration, optimization, and resilience in our customers’ supply chains.


Dimerco's History

“AI, big data, semi-automation, and the Internet of Things are changing the way supply chains are managed. Dimerco will drive this change.”

The Era of Digital Logistics 2021 ‒ 

Dimerco exceeded revenue and profit goals in 2020, despite the global challenges created by the pandemic. In that same year we prepared for future growth by realigning to a Team Leadership structure ‒ with decisions made by an Executive Management Board (EMB), whose members have expertise across services (air, ocean, logistics), across continents & across cultures.

Future success will depend equally on managing the physical flow of goods and managing supply chain data. Dimerco will leverage its cloud-based IT infrastructure and intelligent application of technology to play a key role in the digital transformation of global logistics management.

2021 marks Dimerco’s 50th year in business. Our achievements have been the result of continuous learning, bold innovation, & an unrelenting commitment to serving the customer. We look forward to the future, with a humble appreciation of the past and what got us here.

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