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Digital Freight Forwarding and Logistics Technology

The Dimerco Value Plus System® is a proprietary logistics management system that contains a full suite of supply chain management applications in the cloud.

Our integrated global operating system is standardized across all locations. Integrated workflows allow fast, paperless shipment processing.


Reliable Performance with Data Security

Our cloud-based technology platform eases deployment, connectivity and accessibility, and it ensures high-performance and service reliability with our patented Data Synchronization Method ®.

Dimerco has invested heavily to protect our data from cyber-attacks. Our data center and networks are resilient, and we are constantly monitoring for potential security threats. Dimerco is certified to ISO 27001 standards for information security management in the supply chain.

Flexible System Adapting to Your Process

Our flexible systems and dedicated IT team can customize our standard processes to support the particular way you manage the logistics process. We adapt to you, not the other way around. Learn about our flexible Purchase Order Management System.

Mobile Scanning Ensures First & Last Mile Visibility

Dimerco’s proprietary eCall Freight® app is used by Dimerco drivers and partner carriers to scan items at key milestones during the pickup or delivery process.
Result: no long gaps wondering about shipment status.

Mobile Scanning Automates Warehousing Process

These devices ensure accuracy for inbound and outbound logistics to PO/item or carton level. Scans are immediately uploaded to the system with up-to-date status.

Rapid System Integration

Our global operating system is proprietary, so integrations are done quickly and pain free by our own team. For a leading multinational IT company, we completed a massive system integration in one month that the client said would normally take 2-3 months. You can even have status updates fed directly into your system via a simple API, so your team never has to leave your system. Learn more about our IT integration service.

24/7 Door-to-Door Visibility

Monitor shipments and performance anytime, anywhere, on any device through MyDimerco. You would have a secure login and the freedom to customize the data you see and how it’s displayed. Milestone status is kept up-to-date (refreshed every 5 minutes) through direct connectivity with carriers. Dimerco’s mobile apps record events in real time in the warehouse and at pickup/delivery points.

Customized dashboard and reports

Our robust reporting tool allows you to adapt standard reports and create your own unique reports on cost, volumes, and operational performance – in total or by specific lane. Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Reports can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Immediate access to documents

Shipping documents are immediately uploaded to the Dimerco Document Cloud in your MyDimerco portal.

Custom event and irregularity management

Customize the milestones to see only what you need. Notices are fully customizable within your MyDimerco portal.

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