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Advantages of a Shenzhen Logistics Center

Multiple South China warehouses

Dimerco operates a bonded warehouse in Shenzhen within the Yantian Integrated Free Trade Zone, and also manages bonded warehouses in nearby Guangzhou and Dongguan.

Bonded warehouse services - cardboard boxes and import duty

Improve Your Cash Flow

Defer duties and taxes associated with global trade.

Boxes and data — supply chain solutions

Locate Close to Manufacturers

Support import/export activities within a world-leading, electronics manufacturing hub.

multimodal freight

Leverage Proximity to Hong Kong

Access the fastest, most economical shipping lanes in the world.

Facility Facts For Dimerco’s Shenzhen Logistics Center

Space 64,500 sq ft or 6,000 sqm
Loading Docks 16
Temperature Ambient
Technology Modern WMS with bar code scanners to promote efficiency and accuracy
Safety/Security 24-hour security guards, 24-hour CCTV, fire sprinklers
Address 2nd Floor, China Overseas Logistics Center, No.15 Mingzhu Street, Yantian Integrated Free Trade Zone, Donghai Community, Yantian Street, Yantian District, Shenzhen, P.R.C.
Telephone 86-755-88286380

Shenzhen Warehouse and 3PL Services

Storage and Inventory Management

Secure storage with full visibility and inventory tracking.

Value-Added Services
Pick & pack fulfillment, sorting, labeling, repackaging, bar coding, kitting and bundling.
Supplier Consolidation for Imports
We can provide storage of component parts and deliver them to your assembly line just in time.
Buyer Consolidation for Exports
We can receive goods from multiple suppliers and combine them into consolidated outbound shipments.
Trucking Services (TL and LTL) to and from Hong Kong

Frequent trucking service, using Dimerco trucks, between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, as well as other cities in South China

If you are looking for a 3PL warehouse in Shenzhen, contact Dimerco to start a discussion.


Shenzhen Logistics

Shenzhen is China’s largest exporting city and a primary logistics hub in South China. Global trade is faster and easier from Shenzhen due to its proximity to the Port of Shenzhen (the world’s 3rd-largest container port) and 3 of China’s largest cargo airports – Hong Kong Intl, Guangzhou Baiyan Intl and Shenzhen Intl.

Dimerco’s bonded warehouse services within the Yantian FTZ in Shenzhen allows customers to store inventory there and defer duty and tax payments until items leave the facility – a huge cash flow advantage. The warehouse is conveniently located near the Yantian International Container Terminals (15 minutes) and the Shenzhen LCL Center (30 minutes), with drive time of 2.5 hours to Hong Kong and 3 hours to Guangzhou Airport.

Dimerco’s Shenzhen warehouse provides logistics services for many consumer electronics companies that utilize Hong Kong as an air freight gateway. Dimerco combines warehousing services in Shenzhen with regular cross-border trucking services to and from Hong Kong.

road and rail
Ocean Freight_Singapore_Contract Logistics

Other Advantages of Dimerco’s Shenzhen Logistics Center

global logistics

Support for Full Product Lifecycle

We offer warehouse services for manufacturing (JIT delivery, VMI), product distribution (sorting, segregation, pick and pack, labeling, barcoding, final mile delivery) and after-sale services (reverse logistics, service parts logistics).


Strategic Focus on High-Value, Tech Products

We understand the unique logistics requirements of semiconductor products, consumer electronics, aviation electronics, and other high-value technology products.

service added

Integrated Global Logistics Solution

Our Shenzhen logistics services are part of Dimerco’s integrated global logistics solution for freight forwardingcontract logistics, and trade compliance services.

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