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2024 Shareholder’s Meeting: Ceremony of New Chairman- Ms. Wendy Chien

by | Jun 6, 2024 | Press Release

Dimerco Express Corporation (5609) today held 2024 Shareholder’s Meeting and announced the latest Board of Directors, including New Chairman- Ms. Wendy Chien:

1、Chairman of Dimerco Express Group: Ms. Wendy Chien
2、CEO of Dimerco Express Group: Mr. Jeffery Shih, Representative of MEC Electronics Corporation
3、Air President of Dimerco Express Group: Mr. George Chiou, Representative of Ruei Cheng Investment Ltd.
4、Chairman of Chinese Maritime Transport Ltd.: Mr. Peng, Shi-Xiao, Representative of AGM Investment Ltd.
5、Independent Director: Mr. Chien, Yin-Fan, ex CEO of Sesoda Corporation
6、Independent Director: Mr. Ho, Chi-Ming, Legal Adviser of Cheuk Michael, Wong & Ke
7、Independent Director: Mr. Chu, Chia-Cheng, In charge of United Asian Logistic

In this board meeting election, the company’s founder and former Chairman Mr. Paul Chien has entrusted the heavy responsibility of managing Dimerco Express Group to New Chairman Ms. Wendy Chien and CEO Mr. Jeffrey Shih.

Dimerco New Chairman Ceremony at 2024 Shareholder Meeting

Dimerco was established on July 15, 1971, and has been in operation for over 52 years. It has set up more than 150 operating units in 17 countries and regions worldwide, along with 75 overseas strategic partners. The company also boasts a self-developed digital logistics service platform, Dimerco Value Plus System®, providing seamless international logistics services across air, ocean, road, and rail transport. Additionally, Dimerco has a global financial management system and capabilities and long-term partnerships with airlines and ocean carriers. Besides, the effective professional team and recently enhanced digital marketing efforts have established a professional digital marketing management team for international logistics services.

At this juncture, for generational succession, the excellent management capabilities and innovative thinking of Ms. Wendy Chien and Mr. Jeffrey Shih are expected to take the company to new heights.


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