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Building a More Resilient Aviation Value Chain: The 5th IASC Summit & GACP China Hub Opening Ceremony

by | Mar 30, 2023 | Blog Post

On March 23rd and 24th, the Fifth International Aviation Supply Chain (IASC) Leadership Summit and the opening ceremony of the Global Aerospace Cluster Partnership (GACP) China Hub took place in Taicang, Jiangsu Province.

Since 2018, Dimerco has had an exclusive logistics service partnership with the event. Leaders from well-known enterprises such as Boeing, Embraer, Rolls-Royce, Textron, Collins Aerospace, Leonardo, Eaton, Liebherr, Element, DIMERCO Express Group, Haite Tianjin, FLARI, STAG, LoongAir, and Aviation Week Network (AWN) gathered for in-depth discussions under the theme “The New Global Vision- Building a More Resilient Aviation Value Chain.”

During the summit, Kathy Liu, Dimerco’s Senior Director of Global Sales & Marketing, offered insights on the global aviation value chain division of labor, the localization of the MRO value chain, and the development of China’s local aviation industry cluster.



Sui AN – Regional Marketing Director, Great China, Rolls-Royce :

In the past five years, what initiatives have your company taken? With the possibility of rapid development in the entire aviation industry chain in the next five years, what development plans does your company have?

Kathy LIU – Senior Global Sales & Marketing Director, DIMERCO Express Group :

For five years, we’ve been a service provider in Asia-Pacific and used our strengths to create products that meet customer needs, keeping their supply chains flowing. For example, we transported helicopters from Europe to Indonesia, Canada to Xi’an, and the US to China successfully. Our experience in the industry helped us complete these tasks smoothly.

In the next five years, we plan to offer logistics and advisory services to customers in emerging markets like India. With ten years of experience and a service network covering the entire country, we can provide consulting and solutions for supply chain, production, and distribution.


Sui AN – Regional Marketing Director, Great China, Rolls-Royce : After discussing long-term investments and future challenges in the Asia-Pacific aviation market, let’s shift our focus to exploring potential partnerships for expanding business and integrating into the supply chain. What type of partnerships do you envision and with which companies? What are your expectations for suppliers?


Gianfranco LANINI – Head of Business Development,  Leonardo S.p.A, Aerostructures Division, China: Yes, we definitely cannot do it alone. For Leonardo, we are working with AVIC to develop helicopters, and we are also seeking other opportunities. We are considering partnerships with larger companies who share our goals and aspirations. We hope these partnerships will provide more stability for both us and our partners, which will align with our company’s positioning.


Philippe MECHIN – Sales Director of Asia, Eaton China : I don’t know whether it will be India, China, or Southeast Asia specifically, but we definitely need to work on it quickly. India is more focused on equipment production. The equipment will definitely be located in Asia somewhere. There are many talented management and engineering professionals in Asia, so we are seeking partnerships in equipment production. And each country has its own advantages.


Julien MOLL – General Manager, Aerospace Division, Liebherr (China) :

We hope to improve efficiency in the future and build sustainability to ensure that our future generations can live in a better environment with a convenient mode of transportation. We are seeking long-term partners in different markets, and we value friendship as a family-owned business. We hope to work with flexible and responsive suppliers who can quickly provide us with relevant services.


Kathy LIU – Senior Global Sales & Marketing Director, DIMERCO Express Group :

As aviation and aerospace users, we procure for airlines and prioritize sustainability. We’re exploring collaborations with airlines, including the SAF project, which reduces carbon emissions during flights. While many European and American airlines use this mode, fewer in the Asia-Pacific region have adopted it. We’re working with airlines to launch these projects and offer a comprehensive solution for customers who prioritize sustainability.


Johan DAI – Regional Commercial Manager, Element Materials Technology China : I think there are two aspects to this. Firstly, in terms of relationships, it is important for us to establish and maintain relationships, especially with end customers. This way, they will be more willing to let us join their supply chain. Without TIC company’s approval, we cannot develop further, which is crucial. Secondly, mutual promotion and motivation are important.


Sui AN – Regional Marketing Director – Great China, Rolls-Royce :

I would like to ask Ms. Liu to share her thoughts on how new technologies and solutions can help the Asia-Pacific region stand out in the competition with other regions, such as in the areas of environmental protection and others?

Kathy LIU – Senior Global Sales & Marketing Director, DIMERCO Express Group :

The Asia-Pacific region’s cultural diversity and country differences create both challenges and opportunities for logistics. We can offer various logistics solutions, including rail freight, to connect countries like Myanmar and China. Multiple solutions can meet different customer needs for time and cost.

For sustainable development, regional companies have goals, and we can offer solutions. Logistics-wise, air transport has high carbon emissions, but land transport can reduce emissions and help customers meet their goals.


Focus on APAC and China

Post COVID, the revival of the world’s aviation sector has begun in 2023. A more varied growth of the global civil aviation value chain will be encouraged by the future global layout of multinational corporations, which will take both efficiency and risk into account. A new global civil aviation industry cluster will emerge in the Asia-Pacific area and China. With the APAC aviation sector booming, Dimerco continues to develop its industry knowledge and technological capabilities to offer aerospace customers the most up-to-date services.


Connecting Global Aviation Clusters in China

The GACP China Hub provides an opportunity for major global aviation clusters, leading companies, and SMEs to gather for technology exhibitions, cultural exchanges, information sharing, investment promotions, training or education, and project cooperation in China. It serves as a catalyst for both Chinese businesses wishing to expand internationally and foreign aviation companies entering the Chinese market.