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Case Study: Shipping Heavy Machinery Overseas

by | Sep 29, 2023 | Blog Post

When you regularly ship heavy machinery overseas it helps to have an experienced global logistics partner that can handle all the unique details of such moves without a hitch.

Tech-Long Packaging Machinery is one of the world’s leading makers of precision bottling systems, with installations in 54 countries. The equipment can be 40-feet long and weigh up to 20 metric tons (44,000 pounds). All systems are built in China. When the company’s sales expanded aggressively in North America, Tech-Long knew it needed a reliable shipping partner to ensure on-time, damage-free shipments to its bottling company customers.

The company looked for a partner with the following characteristics:

  • The ability to handle all logistics requirements, door to door
  • Direct forwarding offices in China near the factory, as well as in the US and Canada
  • Shipping via both ocean and air (air for critical service parts), specialty road transport, and customs brokerage services
  • Project cargo experience with strong planning capabilities for complex, high-value freight

Tech-Long began shipping heavy machinery overseas with Dimerco in 2016.


Keys to success for global shipping of oversized cargo

shipping heavy machinery internationalNot all freight forwarders play in the heavy machinery shipping space. The reason: it’s hard. Here are several keys to success for the Tech-Long/Dimerco partnership:

Excellent Planning

There’s more to shipping Tech-Long’s precious cargo then sourcing Flat Rack containers and Low Deck trailers. It requires specialized trucking companies with proper heavy load permits; transload warehouses equipped to handle huge, heavy equipment; and route planning and escort vehicles for last-mile delivery. Dimerco sources and manages all specialty partners with meticulous detail, including the required paperwork and permits to make sure freight moves without delays.

Strong visibility and communication

Tech-Long’s customers plan their own production forecasts around when equipment will arrive, so on-time delivery is not a nice to have; It’s a necessity. Constant communication and updates are part of each shipment. It helps that Dimerco has offices very close to Tech-Long’s China headquarters in Guangzhou and close to Tech-Long Americas U.S. headquarters outside Atlanta. This makes communication easier, particularly on the China side where offices share a language. Updates happen round the clock, if necessary.


According to Tech-Long America’s CEO, Keith Boss, the company builds shipping expenses into its rates and cost estimates to customers, so the company relies on Dimerco to secure the best rates possible.


When shipping heavy machinery 7,000 miles to a waiting customer, the worst outcome is that damage in transit makes the equipment inoperable upon receipt. Dimerco’s project cargo experts make sure crated equipment is blocked and braced to minimize movement. Tech-Long benefits from Dimerco’s decades-long experience in semiconductor shipping of capital equipment to foundries.

Says Tech-Long’s Boss, “For us transportation is not strategic. It attracts attention only when it’s not handled well. With Dimerco, things stay quiet. That’s the way we like it.”

Read the full Tech-Long case here.


Need help shipping heavy machinery overseas?

For complex global shippers of heavy machinery, it helps to have a single-source partner for door-to-door transportation to coordinate all necessary services – at origin and destination. Dimerco fills that role for Tech-Long, and we can do it for you. Reach out today to start a discussion.

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