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Dimerco Financial Results July, 2023

by | Aug 7, 2023 | Press Release

Dimerco Express Corporation (5609) today announced the consolidated sales revenue for the month of July 2023. The consolidated sales revenue of July 2023 is NTD 1,703 million, a decrease of 52.5% compared to July 2022, and an increase of 2.3% compared to previous month. The consolidated sales revenue of July 2023 YTD is NTD 12,143 million, a decrease of 54.4% compared to the same period last year.

According to Air Cargo Next, there’s 2% decrease of global airfreight with 7% increase of space in July. Due to increasing demand of summer vacation on passenger flights, belly cargo increased with airfreight rate decreased while airfreight rate of US trade lanes slightly increased due to increasing eCommerce trade. And overall airfreight rate has been decreased over the consecutive 4 months to the average before pandemic. On the other hand, according to Alphaliner, ocean freight rate increased 30-40% due to not only the decrease on 63 long-haul fleets with 249,002 TEUs (as of 7/3) but also the upcoming peak season of long-haul market.

Facing the impact of US-China Trade Tension with risk management on Geopolitics, US & Europe manufacturers tend to apply China Plus One Strategy with product line moving towards Southeast Asia and India, resulting in increase of regional freight. With long term development in the said areas, Dimerco has been growing since May and June on handling volume from the bottom line in March & April. Besides, supporting multinational customers on market challenges, Dimerco further grows in July on both volume and revenue compared with June, and facing global freight volume decrease due to downturn economy in Europe & USA and inventory management, Dimerco keeps growing with worldwide partners.

Through promotion with digital marketing and clear market positioning from brick-and-mortar to online platform, Dimerco enhances not only on supply chain value to customers and business development but also on additional benefits and productivity to worldwide network via application of Semi-Automation during its Digital Transformation. In the future, Dimerco will keep applying its competency to strengthen operations and make stable profit.


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