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Dimerco Hosts 2021 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting

by | Jul 8, 2021 | Press Release

First of all, on behalf of the Board of Directors, Chairman and the company management team, we would like to thank you for your great support and concern for Dimerco Express Group over the years. We also appreciate you taking the time to attend the 2021 annual shareholders’ meeting of Dimerco Express Corporation.

With the efforts made by all the staff in Dimerco, we have consolidated operating revenue achieved NTD22.948 billion in 2020, increasing by 28.9% compared with the previous year. The net profits after tax were NTD1.085 billion, increasing by 169% compared with the previous year. The earnings per share after tax was NTD8.62, an increase of 169.4% compared with the previous year.

In the process of disruptive innovation, “in terms of organizational restructure, specialization, teamwork and the application of intelligent technology,” the company established the Executive Management Board (EMB) in October 2019 to be responsible for the operations and development of the company. Besides, Dimerco had also upgraded its information technology team to the Business Intelligence Technology (BIT) Division, through the company’s unique Dimerco Value Plus System® that operates on Web 3.0 cloud network, so that we can operate in a mobile environment and service customers at any location at any time, wherever there is internet connection. BIT supported 3 business divisions including Air Freight, Ocean Freight and Contract Logistics for business developments, service optimization and increased operational and management efficiency.

In the digital IoT era, this rapid and comprehensive improvement of AI technology, application of Big Data and Semi-Automation technology in the Internet environment underpins Dimerco’s re-positioning of the company as a “Mobile Intelligence Logistics Service Provider.” The company is hence committed to leverage its web 3.0 based Dimerco Value Plus System® on Cloud Networking for more aggressive business intelligence technology (BIT) applications and development. Furthermore, with the professional BIT, Dimerco has continuously upgraded its information technology, the introduction and application of related mobile technology into the system, mobilized the digital system and moved toward product diversification, service optimization and quality operations and efficient management. We seek not only to consolidate internal data and information for enhanced management performance, but vitally, to help customers build their competitiveness by going through diversified network interaction function and providing external data integration and real-time information visibility for more effective supply chain management.

Dimerco faced the crisis of COVID-19 pandemic right after the organizational restructure in 2020. The colleagues of Dimerco have taken upon themselves the mission of serving customers and the society, utilizing the everlasting mobile smart platform and exercising teamwork to respond quickly to market changes while facing numerous difficulties. Also, apply the multiple transport and passenger and cargo charter flights to provide solutions for each customers’ international transportation and logistics needs and to overcome various challenges. The operating income and profits had grown outstandingly in 2020 with the effectiveness of organizational restructure as sufficiently demonstrated.

Dimerco continues to promote organizational restructure 2.0 in 2021. The company has based on the spirit of intelligent application and managerial specialization, attention to details and horizontal connections to initiate a flat organizational restructure since March 2021. The regional office, including North America, Mainland China and Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Europe and Northeast Asia, have been restructured to the “Central Service Center” to achieve the effects of effective internal management, strengthened marketing and rapid external response and smart response. It has accomplished missions through professional division of labor, team leadership and intelligent applications. In other words, the disruptive innovation allows Dimerco to achieve the goal of “wherever the management committee members are, the head office and the Group management services will be with an effective operation in place” and can quickly respond to the challenges of drastic market changes and provide customers with the best services.

In prospect, the challenges faced by the international logistics industry will still be serious and the Dimerco Express Group will continue to spare no efforts to stabilize the business. Dimerco hopes to contribute to society and bring shareholders and employees a reasonable payback. We thank all our shareholders for your support.

Dimerco Express Corporation
Dimerco Express Group
Executive Management Board
July 8, 2021



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