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Dimerco Recognized as a Top 25 Global Air Freight Forwarder in 2023

by | Oct 30, 2023 | News & Media


Los Angeles, CA –– Dimerco Express Group, a global leader in logistics and transportation services, was recognized as a “Top 25 Global Air Freight Forwarder in 2023” by Armstrong & Associates, Inc. (A&A), a respected expert in 3PL market research and consulting.

A&A Award - Air Freight Forwarder - 2023

The award highlights the company’s steadfast dedication to delivering top-tier air freight forwarding services to clients worldwide. This achievement is celebrated with clients, partners, and the broader logistics community.

The vast majority of Dimerco’s air freight shipments connect Asia’s production and distribution hubs with each other and with key markets in North America and Europe. Dimerco’s 150+ company-owned locations worldwide include more than 130 operations across Asia-Pac, which is why the company is known for connecting Asia with the world. Dimerco seamlessly integrates air and ocean freight, trade compliance, and contract logistics services to make global supply chains more efficient and effective.

The company started in Taiwan in 1971 with a focus on time-defined air freight services for semiconductor and technology firms––a focus that continues today. Dimerco has cultivated strong relationships and secured block space agreements with all top Asia-based global airlines to provide customers with the necessary capacity for both regular and urgent freight needs.

In addition to its excellence in global air freight, Dimerco has consistently ranked among the top “Technological” 3PL companies for over a decade, underscoring the company’s commitment to innovation and digital transformation.

These rankings demonstrate Dimerco’s continuous growth and outstanding performance in the industry. The company is grateful to its clients, partners, and team members for their unwavering support, and it is excited about delivering even more value and innovation in the future.


About Armstrong & Associates, Inc.

A&A was established in 1980 is a leading authority in 3PL market research and consulting, offering valuable insights into strategic planning, logistics outsourcing, mergers and acquisitions, pricing, performance benchmarking, and legal/expert witness engagements.


A&A’s 3PL Value Creation North America Summit

Recently, A&A organized the 3PL Value Creation North America Summit in Chicago, USA, from October 18th to 19th. Dimerco had the privilege to participate in a panel discussion titled “Ripple Effect: Emerging Trends in International Transportation Management & Freight Forwarding.” During this panel, Robert James Greer, Group Director of Investments, shared insights into emerging trends in global logistics and discussed Dimerco’s innovative solutions.


For more information, please visit: www.dimerco.com

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