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Dimerco supports donation of 80,000 COVID-19 masks for Italy

by | Apr 28, 2020 | News & Media

Dimerco Express Group, an Asia-based total logistics service provider, has supported the donation of 80,000 PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) masks from China to help combat the COVID-19 epidemic in Italy, assisting donors in collecting the masks from across China and successfully coordinating delivery of the PPE safely to its destination in Italy.

The masks, which were gathered in China by donors, including anti-epidemic volunteers and the parents of overseas students, have arrived in 5 towns in Sicily and Sardinia, in the south of Italy.

The dedicated team at Dimerco Zhongjing International Express Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Dimerco Express Group, provided the integrated logistics solution, coordinating with its strategic partner in Italy to guarantee on-time delivery to the Italian government.

In addition to the PPE, the consignment included paintings from Chinese Children, expressing blessing, care and encouragement from China. Recently, Mr. Dino Giarrusso, Member of the European Parliament, expressed the gratitude of Italy through social media for the generous donation and meaningful paintings.

A spokesman for Dimerco commented, “Dimerco participates and sponsors various social projects that advocate environmental protection and aid those in its communities who are in need. As a global transportation & logistics service provider, Dimerco feels honored to provide support by facilitating the crucial supply chain at this critical time.”

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Photo Caption: Dimerco coordinates to deliver 80,000 PPE masks to Italy from China along with the paintings from Chinese Children.