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Leading the way to support fashion supply chain on complex projects

by | Sep 26, 2023 | News & Media

Global freight forwarding specialist Dimerco is gaining attention for its tailor-made supply chain solution designed for a prominent fashion and lifestyle manufacturer. This comprehensive solution encompasses adaptable supply chain management, multimodal transport, and contract logistics services, including bond warehousing services, all aligned with the customer’s specific needs.

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The textile and accessories manufacturer operates across various countries, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Taiwan, and the Philippines. Their logistics requirements include transportation from China and Taiwan to Southeast Asia, with finished products being shipped to buyers located in Japan, the USA, and Europe.

Fashion brand supply chains face great financial risk from major disruptions such as the air hub lockdowns and ocean freight capacity shortages that hit during the pandemic. Dimerco’s extensive global network and advanced technology platform enabled this customer to manage through these disruptions and keep freight flowing while others could not. Dedicated Dimerco teams currently assist in shipping 100-200 containers per month to and from diverse range of suppliers and buyers worldwide.

Dimerco plays a crucial role in Supplier Management, Purchase Order Management (POMS), Carrier Management, and Information/Documentation Flow, with two dedicated staff who work as part of the customer’s team to ensure efficient order fulfillment between China and Asia Pacific. They also handle system input requirements and promptly address troubleshooting needs.

Dimerco’s Central Service Center (CSC) remarked, “Our customer has emphasized the importance of ‘inventory accuracy,’ and Dimerco’s IT team supports this by enabling data transparency through EDI integration, thereby optimizing inventory management. Additionally, we employ RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to reduce manual error and facilitate data processing for over 450 shipments with 99% accuracy per month in the customer’s Shipping Monitor System while saving 20% manpower.”

Clothing and accessory items that ship too late for the prime selling season might become “last season’s goods” and go unsold or get marked down significantly. We take pride in growing alongside our customer, providing the essential global network and flexible logistics services required to achieve a fully optimized supply chain and a successful global business.

Dimerco supports to source the appropriate bonded warehouse to best meet customer’s requirement in Vietnam

Photo Caption 1: Dimerco supports sourcing the appropriate bonded warehouse to best meet customers’ requirements in Vietnam.

Dimerco coordinates to customize warehousing and trucking for textile rolls & accessories boxes with optimized solutions

Photo Caption 2: Dimerco coordinates customized warehousing and trucking solutions for textile rolls and accessory boxes.