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Dimerco Handles US-China Urgent Aerospace Cargo in 5 Days

by | Mar 14, 2019 | News & Media

Global freight and transportation specialist Dimerco has turned round an urgent cargo request from a long-standing, well-known aerospace customer in China to deliver two civil helicopters from Tennessee, USA to Guangdong in China, via South Korea, in just 5 days.

The process of moving the oversize cargo, which comprised 12 pieces weighing over 4 tonnes, was managed end-to-end by Dimerco, from overseeing packing at origin, pick-up and delivery by air suspension trucks to Atlanta airport, through to booking space at short notice on a 747 freighter, then transporting the cargo to Dongjiang Free Trade Port (DFTP) near to Tianjin airport terminal for clearance, and on to final destination for unpacking.

A spokesperson for Dimerco explained, “This was a complex solution and comprehensive service requiring coordinated teamwork on the part of Dimerco’s US and China based operations, with constant real-time communications with our customers and every partner across the supply chain, including the partner airline and trucking vendors at both origin and destination.”

The consignment included a fuselage, which is categorized as class 9 Dangerous Goods (DG), which Dimerco needed to get certified on the customer’s behalf and, by utilizing the DFTP, the Dimerco team were able to ensure that the customer benefited from the preferential policy for aerospace import shipments.

“Dimerco’s global network and established strategic partnerships meant we were able to meet our customer’s requirement for a single air shipment, with airport to airport transit of just 3 days,” the spokesman said. “Although Dimerco offers the option of air or ocean transportation, our advice on this occasion was that air shipment was the most cost-effective solution in the light of the tight timescales we were working to.”

In summary, Dimerco provided a tailored one-stop end-to-end full-scale service, including communication with the shipper with details of dangerous goods, as well as consultation with supply chain vendors for packing and delivery. We arranged for storage at a bonded warehouse with preferential rates, customs clearance and timely status updates throughout. Our customer, who we have served for several years, is delighted with our professional service.

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Photo Caption: Dimerco Zhongjing Int’l Express Co., Ltd. Tianjin Branch Team Coordinated Loading Services at Terminal of Tianjin Airport.