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Dimerco Forms Advisory Service Division in India to Help Manufactures Expand to India Market

by | Jul 1, 2024 | News & Media

New service offers expertise in the legal, customs, trade compliance, and logistics requirements needed for successful India market entry

Dimerco Express Group, a leading global logistics provider (Stock Code: 5609), has introduced a new Expand to India advisory service division in Chennai/Tamil Nadu India to help manufacturers seeking to establish new production and distribution operations in the dynamic Indian market.

The Expand to India advisory service will focus on customs brokerage, legal consultancy, and other services designed to help manufacturers navigate the complexities of India’s customs regulations, legal requirements, and trade compliance. The service will be offered countrywide.

“India’s cost-effective workforce, government incentives, and vast consumer market make it an attractive location for manufacturing expansion,” said Rajesh Srinivasan, Country Manager of Dimerco India. “But despite India’s many advantages as a manufacturing hub, it can be quite challenging to navigate the intricacies of the country’s customs, regulatory, and logistics requirements. Our new Expand to India advisory service and experienced team will provide manufacturers with the guidance and support needed to achieve a smooth and fully compliant entry into the India market, including claiming relevant policy benefits.”

Mr. Rajesh Srinivasan, Country Manager of Dimerco India Speaks at New Division in India

Why India?

Dimerco’s further expansion in India (8 offices total) is in response to the large number of manufacturers chasing growth opportunities in India.  In 2023, India surpassed China to become the world’s most populous nation, giving companies that manufacture there a huge built-in market.

India also offers compelling financial advantages to growth-minded companies, including relatively low labor costs and government Production Linked Incentives (PLI) to support new, job-creating factories and distribution centers in India.

According to the World Data, labor costs in India are 82% lower than China, 70% lower than Thailand, 49% lower than Indonesia, and 40% lower than both Vietnam and the Philippines. Labor availability is also strong, with a large working-age population (median age of 28), including many engineers who are mostly bilingual.

According to Dimerco’s Srinivasan, companies anxious to capitalize on these advantages often move too quickly, underestimating the complexity of India’s customs, regulatory, logistics, and supply chain requirements. As a result, their expansion projects experience massive delays, added costs and damaged customer relationships.

“That’s why Dimerco has established our new Expand to India advisory service in Chennai,” says Srinivasan. “Companies need support that goes beyond traditional logistics services. Our local expertise in legal and regulatory requirements will help growth-minded companies achieve fully compliant, hassle-free expansion to India.”

Dimerco's New Advisory Service Division in India

Services Available to Businesses Seeking Market Expansion Opportunities in India

Key market expansion services offered by Dimerco in India include:

  • Customs Brokerage and Compliance: Experienced professionals can help customers navigate the complexities of Indian customs regulations, ensuring smooth clearance. This includes assistance with customs data management, factory-level customs operations, and annual audits.
  • Import Support: Importer of Record (IOR) solutions simplify the process for foreign suppliers looking to enter the Indian market.
  • Legal Expertise: In collaboration with a trusted partner CPA firm, comprehensive legal compliance services are provided, including company registration, licensing, and annual filings.
  • Supply Chain Optimization: Third-Party Logistics (3PL) solutions help foreign companies operating in India optimize their supply chains to reduce costs and improve service levels.
  • Factory Management: On-site factory management solutions are offered to streamline production processes. This includes supply chain services, finished goods management, and value-added services like packing and kitting.
  • Comprehensive Distribution: Services include first-mile and last-mile transportation solutions, ensuring seamless procurement of raw materials and distribution of finished products throughout India.


To connect with Dimerco to learn more about the new market expansion service in India, visit dimerco.com/contact-dimerco.

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