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Dimerco’s Customized Charter Flight Service to Enhance International Logistics

by | Mar 31, 2020 | News & Media

Facing critical COVID-19 outbreak with serious impact on flight cancellation and airport closures, Dimerco teams not only provide our service at anywhere as long as there’s internet connection but also coordinate with strategic partners on alternative solutions, such as customized charter flight service, to enhance international logistics.

To prevent supply chain system from serious disruption risk, Dimerco, as a Mobile Intelligence Logistics Service Provider, listened to customer and studied on customized solution with its strength of globalized network and localized operations to handle urgent shipments from Xiamen, China to Singapore via Taiwan. Currently, Dimerco can provide charter flights departure from several cities, such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Hong Kong, etc. Besides, to facilitate the customs and operations process, Dimerco Xiamen dedicated team coordinated with related parties on inspection of lithium battery (SDS, Safety Data Sheet) and speaker (magnetic inspection for audio equipment) in advance with professional palletization service for space optimization.

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Quality service and space availability are two of the most critical factors for customer satisfaction in international transportation. With customized service in charter flight, ocean, cross-border train freight across Europe-Asia and cross-border road freight across China-ASEAN, Dimerco teams provide comprehensive and diversified solutions to support customers around the world from 50+ leading industries.

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