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Market Demands Rapid Air Freight Deconsolidation for Asia-to-USA Cargo

by | Apr 17, 2024 | Blog Post

For high-value, high-demand products like cell phones, semiconductor components and fast fashion items, speed to market is essential. Customers in the U.S. want the product as fast as possible after it rolls off the factory floor in Asia.

Check out this short video below on Dimerco’s rapid air freight deconsolidation service, which ensures final delivery within 24 hours after touchdown.  Then read on to learn more.

Challenges with Rapid Freight Deconsolidation of Air Cargo

Door-to-door global air cargo shipments involve coordination between many people and companies – truckers, carriers, customs brokers, CFS locations, forwarders. When the timeline is fast and the risk is high, as it is with high-value products, the need for precise, technology-aided communication is paramount.

Dimerco’s process starts when the cargo is en route as all manifest data is electronically transmitted from the Asia-based air carrier to Dimerco’s system. This data populates Customs paperwork that Dimerco’s Customs Brokerage team uses to arrange rapid clearance. The same data allows inbound cargo from the U.S. airport to be scanned upon arrival at Dimerco’s CFS. Since products are bound for different warehouses, scanning at inbound not only speeds the receiving process, it automatically links the product to specific consignees based on PO data, preventing cross-shipments.

After receipt, products are staged based on destination, carrier pick-ups are scheduled, and specific appointment times are agreed with destination warehouses. Products are loaded onto bonded trucks that travel non-stop to the warehouses. Delivery milestone updates from trucking companies are captured in Dimerco’s tracking portal. This allows customers to receive hourly updates on delivery status, including an alert upon delivery.

For some customers, Dimerco includes a tracking device with the freight for maximize visibility and in-transit security. If a truck deviates from the planned route and is out of contact for 5-10 minutes, the police are notified.

The entire process requires meticulous coordination. It helps that Dimerco has offices at both origin and destination and serves as a one-source solution, door to door.  It helps too that team members at all Dimerco’s U.S. offices have bilingual proficiency in both English and Mandarin. That facilitates clear communication from the start for these critical, transcontinental moves.


Air Freight Deconsolidation and Delivery Within 24 Hours After Touchdown for Asia-to-USA Cargo

In logistics, there is nothing new or special about freight deconsolidation in air freight services. You receive; you segregate according to the shipper’s instructions; then you ship out to various consignees. But executing this multi-step process gets a little tougher when shipping 7,000 miles and coordinating many different providers under a fast, unforgiving timeline. Dimerco partners with Asia-based carriers, and the manufacturers themselves, to get deliveries done – all within 24 hours after touchdown.

Want to learn more? Reach out to a Dimerco global air freight specialist to start a discussion.

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