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Case Study: Dimerco Streamlines IT Company’s Plant Relocation from Singapore to Malaysia

by | Oct 19, 2023 | Blog Post

Dimerco facilitates a prominent market leader in the data center solutions and IT sector with their manufacturing plant relocation from Singapore to Malaysia.

Moving to a new house on the other side of town is stressful. Imagine the challenge, then, of relocating a large manufacturing plant to another country under the pressure of production deadlines.

That was Dimerco’s task when a leading manufacturer of IT infrastructure products asked for help moving its Singapore manufacturing plant to Malaysia. Aside from the challenge of damage-free transport of huge but delicate machinery, the move required close attention the details of customs compliance and import licensing. The company turned to Dimerco to help it plan and execute this critical 48-week project.

Dimerco’s contribution to the project has been instrumental across a range of areas:

  • Project Logistics: Dimerco has managed complex global moves of over-sized equipment for decades and use that experience to plan out each phase of the plant relocation in meticulous detail.
  • Customs Expertise: Dimerco has operated in both Singapore and Malaysia for over 40 years and its customs experts ensure full compliance throughout the clearance process. That includes a thorough review of all documentation and physical cargo inspections before shipping.
  • Government Liaison: Each country has different licensing requirements that can delay relocations and threaten production schedules. Using its knowledge of these requirements in Malaysia, Dimerco facilitates the application process with relevant authorities to avoid delays.
  • Real-time Updates: Dimerco’s timely shipment updates give the client the information needed to make smarter, faster decisions throughout the transition.
  • Full-Service Solution: Dimerco is a single-source logistics partner for your door-to-door transportation, coordinating all necessary services at origin and destination. Office spaces were moved along with plant equipment.

Works loading machinery

Photo Caption 1: Dimerco carefully setting up the machineries.

Sending out of cargo via truck

Photo Caption 2: Dimerco sending out the carefully packed equipment and machinery on trucks.

Furniture set up

Photo Caption 3: Dimerco setting up delivered furniture in customer’s new office in Malaysia.

All phases of the move have occurred on-time and damage-free, allowing the client to fully realize the cost benefits of its decision to relocate manufacturing to Malaysia. 

Read the PDF version of this case here.

Need help in relocating your facilities?

For a large-scale project such as the relocation of manufacturing facilities, it is important to find the right partner who knows the way around the complexities of the customs compliance, import licensing, and the safe and efficient movement of large machinery. Dimerco fills that role for this company, and we can do it for you. Reach out today to start a discussion.