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Shanghai COVID Lockdown May Impact Cargo Flows

by | Mar 28, 2022 | News & Media

Happening Now

A full lockdown has been imposed on Shanghai’s Pudong and Puxi districts for a new round of citywide COVID nucleic acid testing. From 5am on Monday, March 28, a lockdown was imposed on Pudong, Punan and adjacent areas until 5am on April 1. In Puxi, the quarantine measures for key sub-districts and towns will continue. Other areas in Puxi will be put under lockdown from 3am on April 1 through 3am on April 5 for PCR testing.

During the lockdown, all residential communities will be closed. All residents are required to stay at home. People and vehicles will be allowed to enter but not exit the neighborhoods. All local companies within the lockdown areas must conduct closed-door operations or allow staff to work from home – except for public service companies.

Public transport, including buses, subways, ferries, taxis and online-hailing cars, will also be completely suspended during the lockdown. Only special vehicles, such as those for pandemic prevention or ambulances, will be allowed on local roads in locked-down areas.

The COVID-19 prevention measures will be adjusted according to the evolving pandemic situation. Below is a summary of how freight may be affected. Contact your Dimerco representative with questions or reach out to start a discussion.