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Update from Dimerco India: Government Restrictions

by | May 18, 2021 | News & Media

India has been affected by a second wave – Covid 19 cases. Over the last 10 days around 1.3 million new cases have registered & 1.9 million active cases are reported as of today. As a result, the Indian government is imposing the following restrictions:

Night Curfew & Weekend Lockdown: 18th April 2021 to 30th April 2021
– Impacted Services: Road Transport, Rail Services (Freight). Day time Pick-up & Delivery allowed only on Weekdays (6am to 8pm)
– Weekends Restrictions: No Transport Movements allowed within cities, inter -states & national highways
– Partial Impact: Customs Clearance, Ground operations at Air Cargo complex/CFS. Only Day-time operations allowed (10am to 5pm)

Operational Functions at Airport & Port:
-No Impact: Freighter Services (all Products), Ocean Lines FCL services on all major ports with continuous discharge & uplift

Dimerco India Offices contingency plan:
Only Field staff – at Airport, CFS & Customs brokerage will continue to facilitate the customs processing & deliveries during week days – All other staff will be working from home and available to answer any questions.

A- All local pick-ups/delivery both within City & intra states will be planned on working weekdays (Monday through Friday)
B- Weekend – deliveries/pick-ups will be custom cleared & stored at Dimerco Warehouse to minimize – high storage cost at Airport & CFS (Saturday and Sunday)
C- Differed delivery services (Monday through Friday) – Running Route Managed – Consolidated Delivery/Pick-up to maximize the Transport Efficiency – Air cargo & LCL cargo
D- Full Container -Delivery/Pick-up will be offered Monday Thu Friday

Due to these new government directives, please do expect delay specially related to customs clearance & CFS Delivery as high demand & congestion of movements will happen during day time. Do not hesitate to contact your local rep for any further details you may require.

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Ocean Freight:
In March, the already booming imports from Asia to USA did not slow down, but further accelerated. The top 13 US container ports all registered double digit year over year growth, and in some cases triple digits. This explains why the ports are congested, vessels bunching up, and everyone having chassis shortage. February and March are usually the slowest months of the year following Chinese New Year, this is just not the situation this year.

With no slowing down of cargo, Ocean Carriers are frequently implementing several service adjustments in attempt to avoid or alleviate the congestion at the major ports such as Los Angeles / Long Beach. Ocean Carriers have been diverting vessels to utilize ports such as Oakland / Seattle / Tacoma / New York-New Jersey / Savannah, however all are experiencing some sort of operational issues. So far this year, carriers have already deployed 30 vessels on ad hoc basis for Seattle / Tacoma routing to discharge intermodal cargo to the Mid-West region instead of going through the already heavily congested Los Angeles / Long Beach.

Ocean Carriers are showing different levels of interest in accepting intermodal cargo, given the ongoing volume growth, port congestions, and forecasted worsening empty container shortage in Asia in the near future. Some of the Ocean Carriers are not accepting intermodal cargos at this time, and for the ones that are still accepting, some will only accept based on space availability and premium rates.

We always check all possibilities for our customer’s intermodal cargo. We suggest to consider transloading solutions and avoid going through Los Angeles / Long Beach for more time sensitive shipments.

You may also contact below person for assistance

Mr. Rajesh Srinivasan- Country Manager
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Mr. Jason Fernandes -Director Sales- DIMBOM & DIMAMD (Mumbai & Ahmedabad)
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Mr. Dominic Huang- Senior Manager (MNC Accounts/Network Business)- DIMBLR (Bangalore)
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Ms. Padmaja- Business Development Manager- DIMMAA (Chennai)
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Mr. Sandeep- Business Development Manager- DIMDEL (New Delhi)
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