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Chasing Supply Chain Resilience

by | Apr 11, 2024 | Blog Post

This episode of The Freight Buyers’ Club podcast, sponsored by Dimerco Express Group, paints a vivid picture of the supply chain challenges facing today’s global shippers – from geopolitical hotspots like Guyana, to escalating trade tensions, to the potential impact of U.S. elections on trade policy and tariffs.

Host Mike King sits down with industry experts Brandon Fried, Executive Director of the Airforwarders Association, and Jon Monroe, President of Jon Monroe Consulting, for a frank discussion of how these political shifts can impact freight markets, international supply chains, and the broader trade ecosystem.



Adaptability is Key: Tools for a More Resilient Future

The episode explores whether technology and collaboration across the industry can help businesses create more resilient supply chains in the face of these challenges. The episode critically examines strategies like “China Plus One,” which aims to diversify supply chains and mitigate risk by offering alternative sourcing options.

According to Dimerco Express Group CEO, Jeffrey Shih, the degree of supply chain change and complexity discussed during the podcast is unprecedented. This rising complexity hits small and medium-sized businesses the hardest, since they don’t have a small army of trade compliance and logisticians to figure it all out.

“That’s where global 3PLs like Dimerco Express Group come in,” says Shih.  “We advise companies on strategies for economically relocating production facilities, accessing freight capacity, minimizing duties, and re-designing distribution networks – particularly in the Asia-Pac region. These days, 3PL selection is no longer just a rate play; it’s about building a global logistics operation that’s smart, agile, and resilient in the face of change. It’s about survival.”



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