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Dimerco achieves recognition of AEO accreditation across China

by | Apr 20, 2020 | News & Media

Taiwanese freight forwarding and logistics specialist Dimerco has achieved recognition of its AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) accreditation across the whole of China. This internationally acknowledged mark of quality confirms Dimerco’s status as the leading 3PL service provider in the region, effectively demonstrating that its role within the global supply chain is secure, and that its customs controls and procedures are efficient and compliant from point of origin through to final delivery destination.

A spokesman for the company commented, “While our AEO certified status was already recognized in many of the major Chinese hubs, we’re delighted that now the independent AEO assurance of Dimerco’s guaranteed quality and security has been extended across the entire country. Whatever the location, customers moving goods in or out of China will now enjoy the range of benefits that dealing with an AEO accredited operator confers.”

Advantages include priority at customs clearance, simplified customs processes and fewer security and safety related controls, so that using an AEO certified provider means customers can expect fewer inspections and delays in dispatch, resulting in faster cross-border shipping, with increased transport security.

Further, AEO accreditation facilitates better traceability of flows of goods and improves security between supply chain partners, mitigating against potential disruptions in trade flows due to increases in security alert levels, border closures and/or natural disasters, hazardous emergencies or other major incidents; under these circumstances, AEO accredited program members like Dimerco can expect priority cargoes to be facilitated and expedited by the customs authorities.

AEO is increasingly seen as a necessary quality standard, with many global organizations insisting on this accreditation for their supply chain partners. To achieve this highly secure accreditation, providers must be assessed on their company’s finances, site security, shipping procedures, compliance with customs requirements and the diligent fulfilment of relevant legal and safety regulations.

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Photo Caption: Dimerco is recognized with its AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) accreditation across China.