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The links below go to valuable content that can be shared with prospects during the selling process. Use this content to position yourself, and Dimerco, as a thought leader and knowledgeable advisor. Read the infographic, Selling With Content, to learn more about how to use the content below.


Presentation Material

Value-Based Presentation Guide – A comprehensive guide to help create shorter presentations that are laser-focused on specific challenges of sales prospects.



The EV Supply Chain Challenge – A review of the logistics challenges of electric vehicle production and how OEMs and suppliers must adapt.

Manufacturing in India: Opportunities and Challenges – A practical guide to navigating the logistics, legal and trade compliance challenges of expanding manufacturing to India.

The Logistics of China Plus One – A primer on the freight, regulatory and cultural issues that must be considered when diversifying production beyond China to other Asian countries.

Global Shipping 101 – A guide to help freight managers navigate the complex requirements of international air and ocean shipping.

Mastering China Logistics – Tips on managing the international shipping, customs, warehousing and delivery challenges of distributing goods to and within China.

8 Ways to Streamline Global Logistics for Electronics Products – The title says it all.



Connecting Asia with the World

DIMERCO x Skyworks – Powerful Partnership Unleashes New Opportunities in Semiconductor Industry

Check Out Dimerco’s YouTube Channel

Dimerco’s Asia-to-U.S. Air Freight Deconsolidation in Less than 24 Hours

Dimerco’s Taiwan Bonded Warehouse – Streamlined Logistics for Competitive Product Distribution


Case Studies

Dimerco Legal and Compliance Expertise Eases Electric Scooter Company’s Passage to India

Bottling System Manufacturer Relies on Dimerco for Oversized Shipping Challenge

Shipping Dangerous Goods by Air: A Semiconductor Case Study

Global Electronics Giant Partners with Dimerco

Kingston Technology-Dimerco Relationship Evolves

Framework Computer Partners with Dimerco to Support Rapid Launch

DIMERCO x Skyworks – Powerful Partnership Unleashes New Opportunities in Semiconductor Industry

Dimerco’s Solution for High-Tech Firm, Qingdao Fuije



The Logistics of Semiconductor Manufacturing

Manufacturing in India: Opportunities & Challenges

The EV Supply Chain Challenge

Strategic Warehousing in Asia-Pac


Website Pages on Select Dimerco Warehouses

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Additional Resources

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