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Dimerco switches transportation modes to beat delivery deadline

by | Apr 27, 2021 | News & Media

International transportation and freight forwarding specialist Dimerco delivered high-density cargo from China to Morocco four days ahead of deadline, by implementing changes to cross border trucking in response to COVID-driven delays at Ningbo Port. A spokesperson for Dimerco explained, “With vessels being cancelled due to COVID-19 and delays to cargo bound for North Africa, the Dimerco team were keen to find an alternative solution for our customer, a leading manufacturer of high-end automotive parts and accessories. Late delivery of the cargo would have meant pausing production, resulting in expensive down time.”

“Due to challenges around booking rail freight, Dimerco ultimately proposed a cost-effective cross-border road freight solution. Working with our French agent and strategic trucking partners, the cargo was transported by road from Ningbo to Alashankou in Xinjiang, then on to Le Havre in France, before reaching its final destination in Tangier just over three weeks later – four days earlier than planned by shifting 2 drivers for the Asia-Euro Truck with continuous operations.”

The change of mode brought additional complexity as the cargo had initially been packed as ocean freight in a 3-plywood case, for handling by forklift. However, because the cargo at Alashankou would be handled by crane, Dimerco recognized that a more robust customized solder pallet would be required and replaced the original case accordingly. The team also positioned 10 pieces of wood under the pallet to balance the weight and provide extra protection for the high-density cargo during the Asia-Euro Truck operations.

“We are pleased to have been able to support our customer on this difficult project,” Dimerco’s spokesperson added. “Dimerco’s experienced team were able to respond quickly and effectively to a series of challenges, walking the customer through the complex processes between transportation modes, providing daily updates on the shipment status and delivering an optimized solution that not only overcame serious conditions but exceeded our customers’ expectations.”

Photo Caption: The Dimerco team worked closely with cross border trucking partners, from customizing a solder pallet for the crane at Alashankou to fastening the high-density cargo on 10 pieces of wood to enhance protection. Read more.